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Terms & Conditions

Everything You Need to Know

At ResinFelt & Rose, we are committed to ensuring that your experience with us will be seamless as possible. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service, and product quality, please read our terms and conditions below before purchasing.

1>These terms and conditions apply to all undertakings from ResinFelt & Rose.  (referred to as “RF&R”), unless specifically agreed to in writing by the business owner. This includes, but is not limited to, offers, orders, requests, communications and agreements involving RF&R.

2>RF&R terms and conditions apply to all transactions

3>Any services/products/offers made by RF&R (either online or in print) are subject to change at anytime without notice.

4>All Keepsake prices set by RF&R include shipping and delivery in your purchase price. The only time we will ask for any extra payment is under the circumstance of multiple orders that the customer has requested to be sent before the final item is complete. In general all items will be sent together once the last item is finalised. Shipping prices for fun collection will be stated at checkout and are based on the Australia Post weight charges.

5>Custom keepsake or fun collection pre order delivery expectations set by RF&R are a guide only and do not comply with a strict deadline however we will be our best under the circumstances of life and unexpected supplier issues. 

6>RF&R prices are calculated by several factors and are subject to change at any time. Factors include increase in supply costs, shipping prices etc. If a price rise has been made, your completed payment/order submitted before the price rise will be honoured and you will not be subjected to extra charges, any orders made after the price rise will be subjected to increased charges due to increased costs. 

7>If an item goes on sale, under no circumstances is RF&R liable to return you any monies for a previous transaction higher than the sale price. RF&R is under no obligation to cancel, refund, return any purchases in order to receive the sale price. 

​8>RF&R recognises an agreement has been made when an order and payment have been received. By making payment to RF&R you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions as outlined here.

 9>RF&R considers the agreement to be made once the order has been paid for and considers the order finalised once the finished product has been shipped.

10>No changes can be accepted after a period of 24 hours from placing an order online.

11>Exceeding expected delivery times does not entitle the buyer to compensation or to change the agreement.RF&R will not be liable for any delays. 

​12>RF&R products/services are handcrafted items, any blemishes or imperfections are considered adding individuality to the piece. RF&R holds a No refunds/Return policy.

13>RF&R will contact you once your stone is made if approval isn't given within 24 hours of the images been sent to your supplied mobile number RF&R has the rights to proceed without your approval and dispatch the finished item to the best of the description given on the order form. 

14>If a order/package/inclusions have been lost or damaged RF&R is not liable to refund or return any monies. The situation will be attended to promptly for the best outcome for both parties. RF&R will do our best to resolve the situation to the best of our control. Please understand some circumstances will be out of our control.

15>Under no circumstances will RF&R be liable for humans or pets damaging, swallowing, breaking, misusing any products/services provided by RF&R. Under no circumstances will RF&R be liable for any medical compensation for the products/ services provided. RF&R does not guarantee any results with the breastmilk soaps, results will vary. 

16>RF&R has clearly outlined the differences in metal types. Under no circumstances will RF&R be liable to refund, return any order due to tarnishing, wear and tear, misuse, deterioration or not following care instructions or for any other reason. 

17>Return and refund policy. Under no circumstances will RF&R supply a refund or return once the exchange of monies has been made by the customer due to the nature of the item. 

18>If a manufacturing fault is present, a solution to the issue will be discussed and RF&R will do our best to resolve the issue ensuring our clients satisfaction.

19>Manufacturing fault is a fault in the manufacturer setting.​

20>RF&R reserves the right to substantially delay any orders that are not able to be completed by the expected date by Christina due to unexpected circumstances at any time. 

​21> RF&R reserves the right to cancel an order at any time without any liability of compensation or damages. ​

22> All packages are shipped and tracked with Australia Post any damages or loss occurred in Australia Post care will not fall under RF&R insurance, and therefore RF&R will not be liable. 

23> RF&R states its the customers responsibility to ensure the correct fit of the ordered ring size. RF&R takes no responsibility for incorrect measurements made by the customer therefore ordering a size that is incorrect. No Refunds, Returns or exchanges will be issued. 

Terms & Conditions: Store Policies
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